when I was last seen… (+coming out announcement)

Hi everyone!

Sorry for not posting for so long (has it been a year already?). In this post, I want to share something with you.

1) Let’s have a recap first.
Over the year, I haven’t done anything or been to anywhere interesting. My sister Maddie and her boyfriend broke up last January. (How did I know that? Trusted sources. [^1]) As for Ella, even though she’s already ten now, still won’t give away her dolls.
What about me? I’m 14 now and have discovered another friend. Remember rmzn_dmrts?

2) Now to the point.
I have an announcement to make. Comes with a long story short.
So I’ve been feeling a bit uncomfortable lately. And I found out that I am not strictly a girl. Sometimes I feel…look, I have my ‘girl’ days, but other times I’m, well, neither a boy nor girl.
With this, I officially come out.
And if you’re asking, I prefer they/them pronouns.

Wondering if you’ll still stay,
Maf 🙂



But funnily enough you’ve found this 🙂

All right, this is not a page, this is a post. I see why you managed to found this.

(cue Maf strangling me)

That was not funny, Maf. So this is me, Aydın, and I am going to straighten out a few things the Bluescreeners have said about me. (Actually, you can just ask my friend Emine about this, but she might just give out false information.)

1) Many people mispronounce my name. That’s true. (cue Maf smiling with satisfaction)
2) Mervenur and I are on a relationship, boyfriend-girlfriend to be exact. That’s false. She’s just a friend, the way I’m connected to the Bluescreeners.
3) Connected to #1, everyone seems to be confused about the dotless ‘i’. Well, not everyone, if you know what I mean.
4) I titled this post #pagenotfound. It’s true.

So that’s it, everyone!

Aydın 🙂

#mafailda: the special edition

That day…

‘Hey Maf, how did it go? Was it easy? Please show me your worksheet!’ Rory begged.

‘Honestly, it was bad. No wonder they call this work-shit.’

Rory hit me, of course.


‘What’s your diary blog?’ Maddie asked.

I gave her Aydın’s (not a diary) blog address.

‘What’s this?’


*After guitar lesson*

‘No wonder they call it the F key, it’s so F-ing hard!’


So that’s it for now, guys.

Maf 🙂

Let’s talk about twits and wits..

Look at my previous entries and the Bluescreeners’ truth or dare game session, and you’ll notice that I do swear quite a lot. ‘Kay, let me tell you things.

1) Swearing is oftentimes regarded as offensive. This depends on who you talk to. I never swear in front of my parents or Mariella (she’s too young) but I am pretty much known as a swearing champ between the Bluescreeners.

2) I believe that swear words is a milestone in language-learning. And even Mervenur knows enough English to recognise that the F is a swear word. (Seriously, did Aydın teach you about that, or did you know it from language blogs?)

3) You got to use it sometimes. Have you ever seen someone pointing their middle finger because someone stayed still under a green traffic light? Honestly, fuck you, road blocker.

4) Swearing is a drug. It has a relieving effect to the user (this’d be the speaker), side effects, and most of all, it’s addictive.

And though people might disagree with number 2 to 4, this is my opinion. For the opposing side, let me tell you that I DON’T GIVE A FUCK.

The title? Behind the offensive meaning, there must be something else. A twit might have quite a wit, I tell you.

Maf 🙂

#randomplay session: think link, round one

Maf: Let’s play a game!
Liz: What game?
Maf: I don’t know what to call it, it’s a game that I sort of invented.
Rory: How do you play it?
Maf: Well, I say something, a description of what can be anything, and you say what you first think when hearing the description. The most unexpected answer will get a point.
Liz and Rory: We’re in, then!
Aydın: Can I join?
Maf: Why not? The more the merrier!

[Dee, Lola and Harry join in too, and the game starts]

Maf: First one, let’s see… White lace, black dress. What do you think?
Liz: I dunno… Little black dress?
Rory: A raven?
Dee: A snowy night?
Maf: Alright, quite unexpected. Let’s see what the others have.
Harry: Honestly, I’m thinking what Dee’s thinking.
Lola: When day changes to night?
Maf: Good one, Lola! What do you think, Aydın?
Aydın: I don’t know…let me think about it.

[brief pause; Liz guesses he’s about to say something unexpected, much more unexpected than Dee’s]

Aydın: Black Sea? Well, that’s worth a try.
Maf: That‘s unexpected. Give me a moment to think.

[another brief pause; Harry argues that it’s not actually black, but Liz says that it’s, well, unexpected]

Maf: This round goes to…Aydın!
Aydın: See? That was worth a try.

Aydın, tongue-twisters, and ‘I’m going, I’m coming’

Boy, that boy…

Aydın sent me an e-mail last night, and it came with a tongue-twister – that I was told to repeat ten times, fast – and it goes a bit like this:

Gidiyorum, geliyorum…

Translated, it would be ‘I’m going, I’m coming’ (hence the entry title). And after that, a flurry of e-mails coming into my mailbox. One from Dee, one from Liz, one from Lola, one from Chris, one from Rory, one from Aidan (this is confusing), one from Tom, one from Kath, one from Jake and one from Harry. All of ’em seem to be about the Turkish tongue-twister. Boy, that boy…

A quick search for a list of tongue-twisters reveal that Aydın made that one up. I don’t know ’bout him, but my tongue is twisted from saying that ten times, fast! Think ’bout it; starting from the third time, you could mix up the ‘l’s and ‘r’s! Boy, that boy…

And if Aydın happens to send these kind of things again, I’ll send him a threat message: ‘Come here, or I’ll trap you so you can’t come and go again!’

TIFN, that’s it for now!

Note that this entry has a lot of repetition in it. Ha, ha, ha.

Maf 🙂

Emma and Sophie, Kaytlynne and Kaeleigh: upsides and downsides of having a rare name

I am a name geek, which may not come out as a surprise when considering that I am very absurd. I observe name trends, in the UK and in the US (for comparison) and I am not surprised when spellings in the UK tend to be less ‘creative’. And I don’t know why.

One thing about creative names. I know a boy named Aydın (correct that – Aydin – spelling limitations, if you remember the last entry) and all of his friends, including me, thought that it was a creative take on the name Aidan. (And maybe you thought that way too.) Only when he told us do we know that it’s not a variant of Aidan. And the spelling limitation just makes it worse.

Different story, I have a best friend named Emma (thus the title above) and the fact that there are 10 – yes, ten! – other girls named Emma in my previous year, not to mention other girls with the name who are under and above my year! Shoot, this name issue ain’t gonna finish any time soon, huh?

I am very fortunate to be named Mafalda, for one reason alone: it’s not a creative take, but it’s rare.

So, lesson learnt: don’t judge a book by its cover. (Remember him? That poor boy who got his name mispronounced so many times.)

Rules of typing anything

Well, Maddalena’s done it again!

Again? Yes, she has, once again, successfully pulled a prank on me. What prank? Seriously, you don’t wanna know.

OK, I’ll tell you.

She changed the setting on my laptop so that when I press Q, it’d come out as F. Great trick, but I already solved this problem (if not, I wouldn’t be able to type this correctly), and the problem was… the keyboard layout was set to Turkish F. So that brings me to rule number one:

1) Always check the keyboard layout.

And rule 1 goes further. There is also a Q layout, which looks like a typical QWERTY w/ i (dotted) swapped with ı (dotless) and a few extras.

And thıs ıs how ıt looks lıke.

2) Always check the CAPS button.

Well, rule 2 seems to be less important than rule 1 (not to mention how strange a dotless i looks, at least in English), but the usage of CAPS often shows strong emotion. And it might be considered rude too.


3) Watch out for typos.

They are plain unpleasant, but some typos are done on purpose. Ha.

And you can tell that that’s the end. I may come up with a brand new list, or continue this list if I have any ideas.